Telecommunication Infrastructure

Understanding the value of a 'young' and 'fast' growth telecommunications industry, OCK Yangon Private Ltd was established in 2013 starting off with resources supply. We eventually secured a master services agreement ('MSA') to build and lease 920 telecommunication towers which marks the beginning of OCK's bright future to transform into a telecommunication tower company. In Myanmar, we provide telecommunication infrastructure and resource supply services to our clients.

Telecommunication Infrastructure

OCK was granted the Network Facilities Service ("NFS") license by the Myanmar Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to own and lease ground base and rooftop base transceiver stations and tower space to multiple telecommunication network operators. we are highly committed in providing cost effective solutions to telecommunication network operators primarily driven by more efficient operations and lower capex build.

To date, OCK owns and operates more than 1400 telecommunication sites throughout Myanmar.


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